How Your Industrial Workplace Benefits From High-Speed Doors?

How Your Industrial Workplace Benefits From High-Speed Doors

High-speed doors are suitable for installation in various industrial applications, from warehouses to factories both internally and externally. Offering a wide range of benefits to users and business operations. Here’s why high-speed doors are so beneficial for industrial workplaces.

What Are High-Speed Doors?

What Are High-Speed Doors

High-speed open and shut doors use rapid-roll fast-action sectional doors to improve efficiency, provide greater security, improve access, and reduce noise and climate change between areas. Choosing a reputable supplier is essential, as they will offer purpose-built solutions to suit your industrial environment. Here we look at high-speed industrial doors from loading bay and industrial door solutions companies such as Fen-Bay Services.

You are likely to have a choice of doors that offer features that make them suitable for different areas and applications, including wind-loading environment doors, clean doors that are ideal for clean room and air pressure-controlled environments, chilled, cold and freezer rooms, compact, quiet operation doors, roll-up fabric doors to enhance the speed of operation, efficiency and security both internally and externally throughout commercial and industrial premises.

Key features to look for when choosing a quality high-speed door

Key features to look for when choosing a quality high-speed door

  • Automatic curtain door reinstatement to prevent damage, door blocking, and interruption to operation as the flexible guides enable the curtain to reinsert itself on the next cycle. Excellent to minimise maintenance costs and downtime if the door is accidentally knocked off its guide rails.
  • Easy cleaning, suitable for use in clean room locations and areas with controlled air pressures.
  • Rapid-rise curtains that can reset on being fully opened.
  • Insulated curtains that help maintain temperatures of -1oc to -30oc to reduce costs of controlling freezer, chilled and cold room storage facilities. High-speed freezer doors can help reduce the effects of the energy you use on the environment each time your workforce needs to enter or leave the controlled area.
  • Quiet opening and compact doors can easily be fitted to internal environments to maintain easy accessibility but segregate areas without disrupting traffic flow and visibility.

Benefits of installing high-speed doors

Benefits of installing high-speed doors

There are several benefits of installing high-speed doors, including the below:

  • Improved security when you need regular access in or out of an area but do not want to risk the doors being left open to unwanted attention. A high-speed door can be quickly and remotely closed to protect the area. Both steel and PVC curtain shutters are available to provide the level of security required.
  • High-speed doors offer timely efficiency in closing and opening, so employees are not delayed waiting for doors to close.
  • These doors offer a low-maintenance solution to protecting your workplace and its equipment.
  • Adding opaque areas within the door helps maintain visibility and allows workers to see approaching visitors and keep an eye on what is happening in the adjoining room.
  • When installed internally, they provide a great sound barrier to neighbouring areas, and externally they can help reduce the noise, improve working environment conditions and prevent unwanted visibility of areas of your operation to the neighbourhood.
  • High-speed doors reduce exposure to the weather and pests outside and can reduce business costs, such as a more controlled temperament climate behind the door. Internal areas can be separated to improve energy efficiency.
  • Easy-to-clean doors can be installed where good hygiene practices are essential, which can withstand the regular cleaning products you use to ensure you meet good hygiene practices.
  • With energy costs soaring, the money you save on maintaining an appropriate climate will benefit your business. Whether you want to keep an area warmer or colder, a high-speed door will close quickly to reduce air escaping, allowing your workforce to complete their tasks without being hindered.

High-speed doors are an economical, reliable, durable and easily maintained way to improve your industrial operations whilst ensuring security and premises integrity. If you are unsure what doors will work best, don’t hesitate to get expert advice from a company that can offer complete manufacturing, installation and servicing solutions to ensure you buy right the first time.


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