Is Bitcoin Evolution a Scam?

Bitcoin Evolution

In this article, we will answer the question as to why ‘Is Bitcoin Evolution a scam?’ is more popular than the question ‘What is Bitcoin Evolution?’. But before we get into the whys and hows of this Bitcoin exchange platform, let’s learn what exactly is the aim of the website and what is so different about it from other cryptocurrency trading websites.

What is the Difference Between Bitcoin Traders and Investors?

The main difference between traders and investors is the relationship each one has with time. Time is money, Isn’t it? Traders take this phrase way too seriously and keep track of rates of Bitcoin every second to sell the desired amount of coins in order to make maximum profit.

On the other hand, investors let the time do the work for them. They buy a few Bitcoins and store them for months, sometimes even for years. They believe that in the long run, everything becomes expensive and when it actually does, they sell it.

Difference Between Bitcoin Traders and Investors

What is Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is an advanced trading software that is designed to automate trading. It is an intelligent software that takes up the job of decision-making while trading in cryptocurrencies. What decisions, you may ask. Let’s talk about how trading works.

Assume you have some amount of Bitcoins in your Bitcoin wallet. You wish to sell them aiming to make a profit. The Bitcoin prices fluctuate a lot and only if you are a trained trader, will you make a profit. You are ready with your Bitcoins and waiting for the right time to hit ‘Place order’. What does time have to do with trading?

Before you click ‘Place order’, to make a decent amount of profit, you set a rate at which you wish to sell your Bitcoins. If, at the time you hit ‘Place order’, the rate of one Bitcoin goes drastically down, the chances of people buying your Bitcoin will reduce to almost zero. This is because there is a huge difference between the actual price and your price.

To avoid such mishaps of selling Bitcoins at the wrong price and time, software like Bitcoin Evolution save our butts. Bitcoin Evolution does the thinking part and predicts Bitcoin prices to help you make good profits.

Why Use Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is smart computer software that does all the math and analysis for a person who wishes to trade in crypto but has no idea how to. It uses intelligent algorithms to predict a good profit selling time.

It is claimed to be one of the fastest and most reputable Bitcoin exchange platforms out on the internet. With its high-level accuracy, the software aims to provide high returns on any automated trade. It also helps in reducing the overall time taken for a transaction to complete.

You get to choose from a list of brokers, the software provides. Though we believe in the universal truth that no one can predict the market with a 100% accuracy, Bitcoin Evolution can be the closest, but never close enough, software when it comes to deciding the selling time.

Features of Bitcoin Evolution

Features of Bitcoin Evolution

Before we discuss why people think that Bitcoin Evolution is a scam, let’s go through the features it offers the clients.

  • Freedom to choose a broker.
  • Autotrade facility
  • Verification procedures
  • Selection of payment methods.
  • No hidden fee before and after a successful transaction
  • Customer service 24/7.
  • Notified about a transaction via email and text.

Is Bitcoin Evolution really a Scam?

It is highly risky, if that is what you wanted to confirm. The whole idea of trading is risky. Bitcoin has been growing in popularity since its inception. As celebrities and big companies provide and withdraw their support off of Bitcoin, there is a drastic fluctuation in its price. One second it is at an all-time high and the other second, swoosh…into the drain.

Trading is predicting and praying you to make a profit and when you give this job to a machine, the praying part is out of the question. So, even God can’t help you if you want a machine to do all the thinking and predicting for you. When the software thinks, it analyses all the data of the past and predicts the future which a human can’t do and hence, increases the accuracy.

The point is, it will still be as risky as it used to be because the market doesn’t depend on whether you are using your brains or the computers. The price of one Bitcoin doesn’t depend on how accurately you or the computer guesses. Hence, you could suffer from the same kind of loss and experience a similar kind of profit to that of while using your brain.

This is precisely why people call it a scam. You must be ready to take up losses, just like in life! No machine is good at accurately predicting the stock market.

Reviews on Bitcoin Evolution

Customer Reviews on Bitcoin Evolution

Before you actually put money into your Evolution account, make sure to read the terms and conditions and the regulatory policies of the website. Let’s see what the customers have to say about Bitcoin Evolution.

  • Withdrawals aren’t instant.
  • A minimum deposit of $250 is too high to start with.
  • Very user-friendly
  • Consistent profits
  • Easily trustable

The Final Verdict

If you are still not convinced with how the software works, you can open account on their website. The website provides you with some fake currency to start trading with. Use this opportunity to understand how the software thinks and works.

If you find it worth a try, you the minimum amount allowed i.e., $250, and start trading. It is not going to be all profits and no loss. So, use the money you can afford to lose. Remember, it is trading and not a long-term investment. You are bound to lose some money and maybe gain it back in a few days. Use the demo account and see it for yourself. Happy trading!


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