A Complete Guide To Calculating The Value of ITSM For An Organization

A Complete Guide To Calculating The Value of ITSM For An Organization

When businesses look at their technology systems and the services that they offer, they look at them as processes that have to be invested in for business continuity. This poses a challenge for IT departments to estimate budgets and calculate the value of these systems.

This is where IT service management systems come in. These systems deliver a measurable ROI (Return on Investment). They allow organizations to measure the value and benefits that they (the systems) bring to their operations.

In addition, it gets easy for them to justify their investments. ITSM systems play an important role in organizations. They deliver ROI in every other process that they handle. However, organizations need to be able to calculate the value of their ITSM systems.

How ITSM Generates Value?

How ITSM Generates ValueMeasuring ITSM value in an organization is easier than measuring the value brought about by all IT systems. ITSM handles specific tasks whose sole responsibility is to help employees or customers solve problems that might hinder them from doing their work.

ITSM generates value in different ways after fulfilling its mission.

They include:

  • Reduction of negative value loss.
  • Generation of positive value.

Reduction of Negative Value Loss

ITSM can generate value by reducing negative value loss. This is a traditional view that focuses more on customer experience instead of things like availability and system downtime. Nevertheless, customers (and other end-users) are very important to an organization.

Customers do not care about any problems that your ITSM system might have. All they need is a way to easily solve any issues that they might be encountering. If you achieve this as an organization, then you are on the right path to success.

Your ITSM can also identify repeating and potential issues with your customers and then provide solutions automatically. It also needs to come up with security processes that can identify top cybersecurity challenges. This is essential in reducing the negative loss of value and preventing any problems from occurring in the future.

Generation of Positive Value

A positive value is generated from valuable advice. For instance, if an employee or even a customer is handling a task, your ITSM system can provide them with a better way of handling the same task. This makes the employee or customer better at handling that particular task.

Generation of Positive ValueThis might be quite challenging for an organization to measure. It is, however, the most important element of any ITSM system. It should make things easy for its users, while at the same time generating value.

However, different ITSM systems generate value differently. One of the most common ITSM systems today is the ManageEngine service desk. There are also other alternatives to the ManageEngine service desk that can handle different tasks efficiently for organizations.

Calculating The Value of ITSM For An Organization

So, how can organizations measure the value of their ITSM systems? Even though it might not be easy, here are a few things organizations need to look at when measuring the value of their ITSM systems;

Employee satisfaction

The satisfaction of your employees, especially when they get a positive experience with your ITSM systems can be measured. If they have a poor experience, then this is going to affect your relationship with them. ITSM systems make staff happier and improve employee satisfaction. This is essential in making employees productive, something that is important for all organizations.


Calculating The Value of ITSM For An Organization - ProductivityLet us take an example where an employee’s laptop has an issue. You fix the problem and then they get back to work. Does this bring any value to your organization? You can calculate the time lost and tasks that could have been handled at that time. ITSM systems ensure that issues are reported on time and fixed early enough to save time.

Impact on CSI

You cannot measure the value of ITSM for your organization if you lack Continual Service Improvement or any form of it. CSI comes in when you are measuring loss in productivity and the costs of fixing any incidents. It also plays a part when it comes to identifying the measures that you need to take to reduce operational costs.

Onboarding process

Onboarding processHow is your onboarding process? Does your ITSM system take a lot of time before it provides new employees with everything that they need for them to be productive? You need to measure the time your ITSM systems take before getting new employees ready to work. You need to ensure that this time matches your organization’s agility levels.

Bottom Line on ITSM Value

IT department managers understand the importance of calculating the value of ITSM for their organizations. On the other hand, ITSM provides them with a way to save resources throughout the organization, especially when it comes to downtime reduction and efficiency in help desk management.

Not all organizations know how to calculate the value of their ITSM systems. This guide should help and provide insights into what they need to measure.



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