5 Educational Toys for Toddlers on Amazon to Help Your Kids Be Better at Math

5 Educational Toys for Toddlers on Amazon

Everyone loves little children, and we want to give them all the tools they need to be successful and happy. One of the most essential things people worry about is teaching their children. It’s hard to sort through the clutter with so much advice and so many recommendations. To help sort it out, we made a list of the top 5 educational toys for toddlers on Amazon.

5 Educational Toys for Toddlers on Amazon

1. ANIMAL ISLAND AILA Sit & Play Plus Preschool Learning and Reading SystemAnimal Island ALIA Sit

Kids are more interested in learning and love to play with books, and exposing them to reading is important from a young age. Students who read more do better in all subjects because they retain more and finish their work faster. The first stage is exposure and play. It’s always best to read to your children because most learning is social and habitual. However, you can blend computers and books if you’re too busy. The AILA is simple to use and perfect for younger children. It won’t replace quality time, but it makes the best use of car rides.

2. SZJJX 3 in 1 Construction Truck Take Apart Toys

SZJJX 3 in 1 Construction ToysTaking things apart and putting things together is the first step towards an engineering career. Inspire your young learner’s mind with the SZJJX 3 in 1 take apart the toy. Taking apart small things like toys builds creativity. This toy is perfectly sized for small hands and will get your children going creatively. Netherlanders love educational toys, but sometimes it can be hard to get deliveries. Find out how to get Amazon products shipped to the Netherlands here.

3. VOLNAU Animal Figurines Toys Set

VOLNAU Animal FigurinesVOLNAU Animal Figurines are excellent for your budding little scientist. There’s something for every personality, from scary sharks to cute Llamas. Science always needs more brilliant minds, and the training starts from a young age. The toddler’s play and imagination will turn into great grades and make a career later.

4. EASC Products Toy Electric Drill Pegboard Set

EASC Toy Electric DrillThe EASC toy electric drill isn’t just for budding DIY enthusiasts. Building and taking apart things is critical for understanding how they work and builds curiosity. Some children love taking things apart and putting them back together. Curiosity and figuring out how things work are the keys to a brilliant physics and maths career. It’s also a very creative toy, with the ability to build pictures and other fun activities. Your child will get many hours of imaginative play out of this great set.

5. VTech Touch & Teach Word Book

VTech Touch and Teach Word BookThe VTech Touch and Teach Word Book are perfect for teaching children the joys of studying. During the early years when they aren’t able to read, playing with books and enjoying them is critical. The pages react to the toddler’s touch with sound, music, and words, which helps teach them fine motor skills and basic academics. The Touch and Teach is a fun way to introduce your child to learning. Curiosity and love of learning are critical for any young mathematician, so this will get them started right.


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