Physics And Maths Tutor – Top 20 Tutors In The UK

Top 20 Physics and Maths Tutors in the UK

Now that the new school year has begun, you will think about finding a top tutor for your child. Although there are a lot of tutors out there, the most important thing about a tutor is that they can attract your child’s interest in a subject. Many of us are not good at math and physics. Even though we sit through boring lectures and difficult exercises, we still don’t understand the concepts. Some of us are good at it but don’t understand the applications. Here are the best physics and maths tutor in the UK.

If either of these things applies to you, then you need to contact these tutors. We all want to get ahead of the competition, but some of us don’t know-how. One of the key ways that you can do that is by hiring a private tutor for your child. Finding a top-notch tutor in physics or maths might seem like a tough task, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting a tutor in these topics is a great way to not only boost your child’s grades but also a great way to help them study a subject that they may not be enjoying. Let’s look at 20 of the best tutors in the UK for physics and maths.

Physics And Maths Tutor In The UK

1. Chegg


Chegg is a leading online tutoring service that offers online math and science courses for high school, college, and graduate students. They help the student learn the concepts of mathematics easily.

The tutors are experts who can comprehensively answer their questions. The material is created by experts who are well-versed in the subject matter. They can provide you with an easy way of learning without compromising your time and energy.

2. eTutorWorld


eTutorWorld was founded in 2011 to provide one of the best online tutoring services for students in South East England and is now used by thousands across the UK and other countries such as Ireland, Spain, Germany, and UAE.

With our extensive range of highly qualified teachers, we offer impressive expertise across a wide range of subjects, including Maths & Physics, English, SATS preparation, etc.

3. TutorPro


TutorPro tutoring service offers math courses online for high school, college, and graduate students teaching physics, chemistry, biology, computer science & engineering at their best level through its interactive nature.

Besides, the tutors are experts who can comprehensively answer your queries. Their creative approach towards learning makes it easier for you to understand all subjects at ease without compromising your time and energy.

4. Mathnasium Tutoring Service


A Mathnasium center is a state-of-the-art facility that delivers an intensive yet personalized program that takes advantage of primary research. We focus on each student’s individual needs by teaching skills at their level.

Mathnasium is a place for students to go when they need extra help with their math homework! It has a wide range of tutors to help you with much math, from pre-algebra and algebra to calculus and trigonometry! Mathnasium offers 1:1 private student tutoring.



It is a private tutoring service that provides online math and science courses. They have developed an interactive website that makes it very easy for you to learn mathematics concepts, including algebra equations.

Each teacher and tutor offers their unique approach and style, but they all have at least two things in common: each of them is certified by the network and they are vetted by our staff members who make sure that every one of them meets the high standards we set for our tutors. has been serving over 200,000 students from around the world since 2007.

6. The Tutoring Society


TTS is one of the UK’s leading independent providers of tuition for all ages and abilities. Their qualifications include AS/A Level, GCSE, Sixth Form College courses, or qualifications such as IELTS or Cambridge Nationals.

Their tutors are the best in their field of work and have taught thousands of students over the years and are some of the most qualified tutors you will find anywhere. They come from a variety of backgrounds, having experience teaching all ages and levels of English grammar, science & maths tuition. Their examiners can be reached on any subject; physics, maths, English and other subjects to help you get a good result for your exams from them.

7. Club Z! Tutoring

Club Z

It is an online tutoring service that provides professional, qualified, and experienced maths and physics tutors to students in the UK. Their team comprises highly trained teachers who have an extensive background in education.

Our tutors have a wide range of abilities in the subject areas and are available to help with any problems faced by your child in their school work.

8. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

It is an online education company that provides free, on-demand math and science teaching. It is the best place to get tutoring in maths, physics, or calculus. The material is very high level and comprehensive.

Khan Academy has videos for all these approaches, explaining exactly how they work along with their pros and cons. This, combined with the emphasis on practice makes sure that once you understand a method well enough to use it, you have the skills to use it.

It has over 80 million students in over 150 countries around the world. All of its content is available for free, including videos on almost every topic in school-level mathematics and physics. It offers some courses for paid members with special features like additional problems or access to worksheets or tests at different difficulty levels.

9. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors

A great place for students to receive free tutoring services from the best tutors in the UK. Students can request any expert maths or physics tutors, they have a wide selection of tutors for all different mathematics and physics courses.

Their mission is to help students who want to study for their GCSEs or Levels, as well as those who are interested in improving their performance at the university level. They offer maths and physics tutoring online along with homework help with all subjects, including English literature, biology, chemistry, and more.

10. Preply


They have been in the business of providing top-rated tutoring services in London since 2013. They offer a variety of flexible, high-quality tuition, including SAT Subject Tests, Physics, and Mathematics tuition.

They offer clients both one-on-one and group tutoring options, allowing them to choose their preferred method either online or in person.

11. Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep

It is a UK-based tutoring service that offers high-quality, affordable, and professional Mathematics Tutoring Solutions. Revolution Prep is one of the most trusted maths tutors in the UK, thanks to our excellent academic track record.

Our qualified mathematicians work with students from secondary schools across the country and independent learners all over England.

12. Skooli


This tutoring service is a free and easy way to learn maths, physics, and science without the hassle of books or teachers. The skooli tutoring service is designed with your child in mind so it is fun but also effective!

The Skooli tutor will help you with both difficult as well as simple subjects such as:

  • Statistics
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Physics Topics such as matter, motion, and energy.

Besides maths subjects, the Skooli tutor can also help with English grammar rules and punctuation.

13. TutorEye


An appointment-based virtual tutor who is available every evening and on weekends. They understand that having a different timetable can be challenging but we are helping you to get the best tutoring service for your family.

Our tutors are qualified teachers of their subject so they will not only help you with your maths or physics homework for GCSEs, A-Levels, or University entrance exams but also inspire children at home to learn more about science and mathematics by showing them how much fun it can be.

14. Wyzant


It is a tutoring service on a changing planet. And as the name suggests, WYZANT will help those students who are struggling with their mathematics and physics subjects at school or college to score good grades in these subjects.

Wyzant is one of the best tutoring service providers for those students who want to score good grades but need extra help from a tutor or teacher, as they are finding difficult subjects very hard. The company was founded by two mathematicians with over 20 years of experience, David Smith and Mark Miller.

15. Special Ed Tutoring

Special Ed Tutoring

A leading provider of tutoring services in the UK. We offer FREE online lessons, help with homework and mock exams, expert reports to improve test grades and prepare students for GCSEs/A-levels at the best possible results!

They are an established UK-based tutoring service, which provides high-quality physics and maths tuition for children aged 11+. They provide online lessons with professional UK tutors to help you improve your grades.

They have an expert team of highly trained UK tutors who have many years of experience in teaching all levels of physics and mathematics. Their mission is to offer the best possible results to our pupils by providing them with the right support and guidance throughout their studies.

16. Eureka Tuition Ltd

Eureka Tuition

Whether you are an adult student attending college, a schoolchild taking the first steps towards your first GCSEs or A-levels, or even someone aiming to go to university, they can help you get the best possible grades.

It is a leading tutoring service in the UK specializing in maths and physics for both GCSE and A-level. Their tutors have been carefully selected from among those who have been awarded full or partial scholarships from some of the world’s best universities, as well as Oxford students on a part-time basis.

Eureka Tuition offers a range of one-to-one tuition sessions from an experienced tutor who has been specially trained in helping learners reach their full potential both academically and in life.

17. StudyPoint

Study Point

This tutoring service is one of the top tutoring companies in the world. They are based in London, England with over 12 years of experience employing hundreds of tutors across all areas, including Maths and Physics amongst many others.

With their focus on delivering clear communication to students whether they wish to be taught by a tutor or learn through online study packs, they have grown rapidly during this time and now employ over 80 people (with an average of 10+ teachers per subject). Their unique model has allowed us to outgrow the traditional industry by offering a flexible yet friendly environment for our students. StudyPoint is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome all applicants regardless of race, color, sex, age, or disability.

18. MyTutor


MyTutor provides a reliable and affordable way of getting the best physics and maths tutoring in the UK. MyTutor offers different services for both school children and college students and some are listed below,

  • Tutoring Maths (Maths Education) – giving help with maths education including higher-level mathematics covering topics like calculus, algebra, linear algebra, abstract algebra, etc.
  • Physics (Physics Education) – offering support to all pupils learning about electricity; magnetism; light; optics; waves; sound; color; electricity and magnetism; chemistry; atoms, chemical reactions, matter, and solid-state physics.
  • English (Writing Education) – helping students to improve their writing skills by example the best practice in the world of essay, report, or research papers.
  • We also offer a market-leading business writing service that has been recognized by multiple awards from The Chartered Institute for Marketing as one of the best writing services in the UK.

19. Smarthinking


This tutoring service helps students from all over the world to learn and grasp difficult mathematical concepts. They teach mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other sciences which are crucial for school exams.

The tutors have years of experience teaching at universities and working with talented young people in their free time and are selected by applying to our strict selection procedure.

They offer flexible tuition timings and a friendly, engaging environment for all students regardless of their level of education or ability. Each student is assigned a personal tutor which will guide them through the course material, provide feedback on progress made as well as help with preparation for each course paper/exam.

20. Learn to Be

Learn To Be

All their tutors work based on 1:1 tuition so you can get individual attention whenever it is needed. Their tutors have a wide range of subject knowledge, which means that they will be able to help you with whatever it is that you need.

A tutoring service that’s specifically dedicated to helping people learn maths and physics. They are a maths and physics tutor service in London that has helped thousands of students to excel in their exams.

They have tutors who are qualified mathematicians, physicists, and engineers with years of experience in helping people learn math or science-related topics. They offer services for all ages, from under 11s through to adults sometimes including private lessons at home if required.


Tutoring is a great source of money and the skills your students will learn will improve their confidence and performance in academics and beyond. Online learning has become a great way to increase your knowledge and to update your skills.

In the UK, every year there are thousands of A-Level students that struggle with subjects such as physics and maths. It’s not surprising really as some of the content is quite difficult. Most people rely on tutors or teachers, but a great alternative is a private tutor.

It’s hard to know where to look or how to pick the best one for your child. When it comes to choosing the right tutor for your child, it is important to make sure you make the right decision.

We all need a little help from time to time, especially with the hard stuff like Physics and Maths. Although you might be able to do well in class, it’s often not enough to get you the grades you need to move forward. Thankfully there’s a range of companies dotted around the UK who can help.


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