Four Facts Behind Job Dissatisfaction

Four Facts Behind Job Dissatisfaction

The world is going through a very interesting era in the labor market. On the one hand, this century is the best in the entire work history. Still, at the same time, countries like the United States are experiencing trends such as ‘’The Great Resignation’’, a labor movement with figures never before recorded. According to the US Department of Labor, more than 4 million people quit their jobs in January 2022, similar to November 2021.

What is happening to jobs in America? Job dissatisfaction is a common consequence that covers issues beyond wages or labor exploitation, and the numbers continue to rise every month. If you are an employee, the information will be beneficial to you. In the paragraphs below, we show you four reasons people are quitting their careers in America.

Top Common Reasons to Leave a Job in 2023

We will talk about the most common reasons behind the Great Resignation in the next lines. However, there are many reasons people abandon a career path that they are no longer comfortable with. Plus, we’ll show you what companies do to keep their employees.

1. Inflation Rates

Inflation figures in America show worrying results. According to Statista, inflation rates were 7.9 percent in February. This trend affects the cost of products, food, services, and rent. For this reason, many workers need to find more sources of money to cover market expenses. Companies apply these percentages to add bonuses and salary increases to retain workers.

Inflation RatesEmployees in this century prefer to resign rather than expect salary increases in their current jobs. Although inflation affects the entire country, there are states and cities with more serious figures. Since 2020, thousands of employees have relocated from cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to live in locations with lower living costs.

2. Health Plans

The pandemic has also changed the style of work in many companies worldwide. The workplaces were spaces with high rates of contagion. For this reason, thousands of workers quit looking for companies with safer, larger areas and access to medical equipment. Thanks to this trend, businesses have started investing in more efficient medical insurance, health services at work, and more.

Health PlansFamous companies like Google and Apple offer mental health assistance at work to create more comfortable sessions to prevent work stress. This scheme takes care of the integrity of all company members and motivates many candidates to choose these opportunities before others.

3. Toxic Work Environments

Peace of mind and stability are among the most common goals in this modern society. Currently, people prefer options with healthy, friendly, and inclusive work environments instead of jobs with higher salaries and toxic coworkers. There are many ways to recognize when you’re in the wrong position.

Toxic Work EnvironmentsTake a look at the most common points:

  • Your bosses and colleagues judge your private life
  • You experience verbal or physical abuse
  • Nobody considers your ideas or opinions
  • Employees invade your personal space
  • Your superiors use their position of power to threaten to fire you constantly
  • Employees compete or sabotage your activities

4. Best Schedules

This digital age requires more digital jobs. Hybrid schedules have more support each year. In fact, companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google apply these hours to offer more comfortable solutions for their workers. The benefits of remote work include savings on transportation and food, less stress, and better connection with employees regardless of the context.

Best SchedulesCompanies apply this scheme to retain staff, and it is an interesting idea because the home office is in demand in the 21st century. Companies with hybrid schedules have better percentages of receptivity.

The Future of Work

As an employee, your goal is to become a better professional. New companies understand the impact of training and reskilling. For this reason, it is usual to see many famous companies investing in coding bootcamps for their workers. Schools like General Assembly and Codesmith offer special data science, software engineering, and cyber security programs. Each field is crucial for the new challenges of the market.

Choose alternatives that help you on your career path, gain experience in the market, study new trends, and work in safe work environments for your general health. This is what the future of the labor market looks like, and these are just some of the solutions to stop mass resignations and meet current needs.



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