Freelance SEO Consultants UK -10 Best Google SEO Marketing Experts to Hire

Freelance SEO Consultants UK-10 Best Google SEO Marketing Experts to Hire

In UK, the majority of the businesses started to rely on online platforms like Google Search to drive traffic to their business website and get inquiries indeed.

There are many freelance SEO consultants in UK and as a business owner in UK, you should plan and hire the best freelance SEO consultant to rank your website on top of Google search for the potential business keywords and get more inquiries from organic SEO.

Why do you need a freelance SEO consultant for your business?

Nowadays people started using a mobile phone and the internet to find out any services or to buy any products which they are in need of. Hence all the businesses mostly rely on online mediums like Google search or other platforms to get customers for their business.

Hence as a business owner, you should make sure that your business website is more reachable easily for the target audience via Google search. For this, you need to hire the best SEO consultant in the city to work closely with your business website and rank on top of the Google search results for the potential business search terms.

Here in this blog, we have listed some of the top-notch SEO Consultants in UK who may help your business website to move to the top through organic SEO.

Freelance SEO Consultants UK

1. Fernando Raymond

Fernando Raymond

Fernando Raymond, founder & CEO of ClickDo. This is one of the premier SEO agencies in London that has worked with many business niches. Fernando has been in SEO for more than a decade and ranked many websites.

Fernando has ranked many websites in different niches like rubbish removal, pest control, dental, orthodontist, many more. Fernando has plenty of experience in SEO and has a bunch of SEO case studies listed at ClickDo where he explained how we ranked some of the websites in highly competitive niches.

ClickDo also offers other online marketing services like Google PPC, Facebook Ads, Remarketing, Web Design, Web Hosting and many more services.

Before hiring an SEO consultant or an agency for your business, you should always make sure that the particular agency has good expertise in the niche. Fernando Raymond and his team have worked closely with many businesses in London and have outranked some of the big giant’s Google for their clients.

Fernando has listed plenty of SEO case studies on his website along with the client testimonials and live results, You can have a look at the case studies on ClickDo site as it will give you the best idea of how good ClickDo is when it comes to SEO and other paid Digital Marketing activities.

Fernando also created his own set of free courses on SEO, Content Marketing, Website Creation and many more relevant topics. You can sign up for free and learn all this stuff online. He has also written some books related to SEO and Digital Marketing where he has shown all his expertise in this niche.

2. Daniel Brooks 

Daniel Brooks

Daniel Brooks is one of the best freelance SEO consultants in London. He is one of the self-taught SEO geeks like others. Initially, in 2010, he started to learn SEO as one of his hobbies when he was working at McDonalds during that time.

Later, he got some good insights from his learning period from 2010 to 2013 and later started his own career on SEO himself. Daniel Brooks is now working mainly on all kinds of works related to organic SEO like keyword research, On-Page SEO, SEO audits, technical SEO fix and many more.

3. Matt Tutt

Matt Tutt

Matt Tutt is a digital marketing consultant who is well specialized in SEO. He is based in Bournemouth in the United Kingdom. He mainly works in SEO for green and ethical businesses helping them to increase their reach and build the business.

The main thing to note about Matt Tutt is that he has also worked in the travel and in the hospitality industry.  He is also one of the certified Google Ads partners and he is also ensuring that he earns Google Ad certification every year by attending the online Google Ads assessment.

4. Pedro Matias 

Pedro Matias

Pedro Matias is a Freelance SEO consultant who has experience in this niche for more than a decade and he is based in London. Pedro Matias has good experience in working with a range of small to larger websites in different business niches.

He has worked with many corporates, brands, and agencies in London in many different verticals. Not only SEO, but Pedro also offers Seo training, WordPress training for all kinds of new beginners and even for the business owners in London.

Pedro also works in Google Penalty recovery for the websites. If you are planning to learn SEO and about WordPress, you can get training from Pedro Matias.

5. Krystian Szastok

Krystian Szastok

Krystian is a London based SEO expert who is devising and managing the best and successful SEO strategies for many potential brands, startups in London for more than fourteen years. Earlier, Krystian learned and developed his skills in SEO.

He has worked on the agency side leading SEO departments in some of the best reputed digital marketing agencies in UK. Later after gaining more expertise in the field, he started his own freelance SEO consultant services in London and helped many businesses in London to achieve the best returns via organic SEO.

6. Gareth Bull 

Gareth Bull

Gareth Bull is one of the leading SEO providers in London for many business websites in UK. He is not only offering SEO services but also paid campaigns including Google PPC, Paid Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc.

The main goal of Gareth Bull SEO is to generate leads and not just traffic from organic SEO. He started his career as a freelancer and now serving as full-time SEO consultant by working closely with many business owners all around UK.

As SEO is an ever-growing industry, Gareth Bull is giving priority to learning and implementing the latest SEO strategies in the niche to outrank the competitors.

7. Hemanth Balaji 

Hemanth Balaji

Hemanth Balaji is a self-taught freelance SEO consultant in London who offers all kinds of services like SEO audit, competitor analysis, Technical SEO, International SEO, Content Strategy, Local SEO and many more in UK.

He also offers project-based SEO services in addition to the monthly retainer SEO service. Hemanth Balaji has worked with many brands in UK.

If you are looking for quick consultations regarding SEO or digital marketing, then you can book a consultation now with Hemanth Balaji and get more insights about your business website.

8. Gaz Hall 

Gaz Hall

Gaz Hall in London offers organic SEO services including SEO Consultancy, technical SEO audit, content marketing, link building, local SEO, competitor analysis, website migration, Google penalty removal and paid marketing services as well.

Gaz Hall has experience in the SEO niche for more than two decades and he is highly skilled in SEO to optimize and rank any kind of business website in a strategic way. He has also listed many SEO case studies on his website which will give a rough idea of how good he is in SEO.

9. James Taylor SEO 

James Taylor SEO

He started as a small business in Manchester and he worked hard to deliver the best SEO results which now resulted in offering services all across nationwide in the UK. He also offers training in SEO and WordPress for beginners.

James Taylor is a freelance SEO consultant in London who offers services to businesses of all sizes right from small companies to big industries. The main thing to note about James Taylor SEO is that you can find some free courses on his website by using which you can learn SEO and related stuff.

10. Ashley Copp 

Ashley Copp

Ashley Copp, who grew up in Exeter in South West of England studied Business Management and Marketing at Cardiff University. After completing his studies, he started his own business and also worked for a small consultancy aside.

Before moving to London, he travelled more and spent almost four years working for Accenture in their Applied Intelligence Practice. Now Ashley Copp is offering freelance SEO and digital marketing services in London along with data analytics for businesses in London.

If you are a business owner in London, you need a freelance SEO consultant in London to help your business website to rank on Google and drive more traffic to your site. Ideally, hiring one of the best SEO consultants from the above list will help you achieve the best results in the quick possible time.

When hiring an SEO agency or freelancer, you should always make sure that he/she has good experience in the niche and have successful case studies of the previous projects. Ensuring this will make sure that your website is in the safe hands to rank and bank it.


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