How to Dress Up as a Family?

How to Dress Up as a Family

Halloween is the perfect time to get your family together and dress up as a group. With a little creativity you can take your favorite characters and turn them into something even more fun by including the rest of your family members. If you’re looking for Mommy and Me Halloween costumes, here are some ideas for how to do it.

How to Dress Up as a Family?

Alice and the Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland is a classic children’s story written by Lewis Carroll and published in 1865. The story follows Alice, who falls through a rabbit hole into a magical world called Wonderland. She meets many interesting characters along the way (including the Mad Hatter), and together they have an adventure that involves tea parties, playing cards and lots of sugar.

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The Mad Hatter is one of these characters found within the pages of this book – he is easily recognizable because he wears an oversized hat with a large brim and long mustache, which makes him look like he’s smiling all the time!

Woody and Jessie From Toy Story

Woody and Jessie from Toy Story are two of the most iconic characters in children’s movie star history. Though they may not have been around for as long as other Disney or Pixar characters, they’re still beloved by kids everywhere.

How to Dress Up as a Family - Woody and Jessie From Toy Story

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To dress up as Woody and Jessie, you’ll need to find some cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, a vest and an old-fashioned looking skirt. You can even go as two matching cowgirls instead if you’re not a fan of Toy Story. There are online sale channels like Chasing Fireflies that provide plenty options to choose from.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

The Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf outfit is a cute and fun choice for a family costume. It’s easy to put together, and your kids will love it!

  • For Little Red Riding Hood, you can pair any red dress with a red cape or petticoat.
  • The Big Bad Wolf needs to wear a green shirt, pants and comfortable shoes (or socks), as well as some kind of hat (like a straw hat). You can also add some fake blood on his mouth if you want to be extra scary!

Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz

  • Dorothy’s Dress: You can find a simple, comfortable dress at any department store. For the look of the film, we recommend something in blue or natural tones.
  • Dorothy’s Shoes: Dorothy has on some very cute black loafers with white soles.
  • Dorothy’s Hat: The hat is such an important part of this costume.
  • Dorothy’s Basket: A basket like this one (which also comes with a baby doll) would make a great accessory for any Wizard of Oz-themed costume party or family group costume idea.

Cruella De Vil and Puppies

If you want to dress up as Cruella De Vil and her pets, you can make a simple black and white spotted coat from fur. A Dalmatian-patterned scarf can be added for extra flair, as well as some sunglasses for additional effect.

Cruella De Vil is an old villain from the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians. She owns Perdita, who is described as “the most beautiful of them all” in the movie’s script. The character was played by Glenn Close in its 1996 remake, where she had pink spots instead of black ones.

Cruella De Vil and Puppies

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This is a great opportunity to have fun with your kids and create memories as you go through the steps of creating your costumes. It can be hard to think about what to dress up as, but once you get into it, we hope that our ideas here will help give some inspiration for both adults and children alike.


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