How to Increase Your Holiday eCommerce Sales?

How to Increase Your Holiday eCommerce Sales

In modern conditions, the transformation of economic systems is taking place. This is due to the influence of globalization and the digitalization of the economy. Today, information and communication technologies act as determining factors in economic development. As a result, E-commerce has become an integral part of our daily lives. It is considered an economic activity in which transactions of purchase and sale of goods or services are carried out exclusively through electronic channels.

Experts note the positive dynamics of the development of e-commerce around the world. The pace of development of e-commerce exceeds the growth rate of world trade as a whole. This is indicated by the World Trade Organization (WTO). According to a Statista report, the global e-commerce market will increase sales by more than 246% by 2023.

eCommerce Compared to other sectors of the economy, various digital solutions are being actively implemented in e-commerce. This influenced the paradigm shift in the development of e-commerce, its focus on the individualization of sales, and the readiness to satisfy the needs of each customer anywhere and at any time.

The basic factors for the development and spread of electronic commerce are the following:

  • Technological progress does not stand. Still, smartphones and tablets are becoming more modern. In this regard, innovative solutions are being taken to use the global network as a means of communication;
  • Market penetration. More and more online stores are opening. For example, clothing retail is already 15-30% through online stores;
  • Growth of professionalism. Well-known payment systems are making online payments more and more secure. In addition, logistics is actively developing, which makes it possible to deliver and return goods quickly. As a result, competition among online merchants is growing.

The main purpose of e-commerce is to make money from sales. Most business owners know what they want to sell and how much, but they don’t know the secrets to increase sales. At the same time, it remains an essential issue for those who want to make their business successful and take it to the next level. This article provides valuable tips on improving online sales during the holidays. Read the material and start putting ideas into practice.

How to Increase Your Holiday eCommerce Sales?

Prepare Website

You can attract the buyer’s attention by preparing the site for the holiday sale. Moreover, the audience’s interest can drop sharply if this is not done. Try to make a holiday decoration on the site. Create a festive logo, colorful banner, and themed illustrations. But be concise. The abundance of items can only divert attention from information and great deals. One or two holiday attributes are completely enough.

How to Increase Your Holiday eCommerce Sales - Prepare WebsiteModern people do not always have enough time for shopping, so thematic collections of goods from your assortment will be a winning move. These can be gift sets, bestsellers, new seasonal collections from manufacturers and suppliers, or ready-made sets and certificates.

Launch an Ad Campaign

No sale will work without a competent advertising campaign. Run ads on social networks, search engines, and third-party sites. Make holiday mailings, thereby reminding yourself about yourself, preparing themed videos, etc. You can use temporary modifiers in ad texts that count down the days until a holiday or sale ends. A sense of urgency motivates shoppers to visit the website and check out the range and great deals available.

Offer Promotions

Offer PromotionsThe holiday period and the right approach can increase profits in almost any business. And if you still offer good conditions, most customers will obviously not remain indifferent to your products. It is not necessary to make huge discounts, like during Black Friday. A gift for purchase, favorable delivery terms, or a third item for free are also great options.

Communicate with Buyers

If the sales of your products are associated with online consultations, feedback should be given as quickly as possible. You can expand the staff of account managers or contact a trustworthy outsource ecommerce customer service. You can also pay bonuses to existing employees, etc. Do not be intrusive and strive to sell the goods at all costs. Remember that a small gift for a purchase, a discount on the next order, unusual packaging, or a greeting card will please everyone. Although, at first glance, this may seem like an insignificant trifle.

It is worth mentioning if part of the funds from purchases goes to charitable causes, cultural projects, or environmental protection. This can also motivate customers to buy.

Shoot Festive Videos and Video Greetings

Statistics show that user activity on video hosting sites is greatly increased during the holidays. This is your chance to attract customers to your brand and spread the word about your company. You can use any platform—for example, YouTube. Find a topic that interests your audience on the eve of the holiday. For example, if you’re selling physical products, you can talk about how your products make great gifts.

Shoot Festive Videos and Video GreetingsMaking videos in an entertaining style works well. You can also shoot video greetings and insert a link to the selling page with your promotional offer in the description under the video.

Offer Holiday Packaging

If your site offers gift-wrapping services, make sure your customers are aware of this. This will help increase your average order value and save your customers time looking for and purchasing the right packaging elsewhere.

Offering a gift-wrapping service should be an integral part of the buying process. Treat this service like any other product. Provide a wide range of packaging colors, patterns, ribbons, and place service information on product pages.

Combine Online and Offline Targeting

Combine Online and Offline TargetingLeverage data from all channels to make holiday shopping a memorable experience for customers. Online shopping has a significant impact on offline shopping. Therefore, make sure that online and offline meet the needs of consumers. Combining online and offline marketing strategies will help you avoid the risk of customer churn and conflicting reviews.

Arrange Logistics

A separate issue for all sellers on the eve of the holidays is the timely delivery of orders. If you ruin someone’s celebration or leave a customer without a gift, it can ruin your reputation once and for all and contribute to the churn of customers. So, purchase goods in advance, process orders promptly, resolve the delivery issue, and update product information on the website. If you cooperate with logistics companies, warn your partners about the sale and consider adequate plans for volumes and loads.

Concluding Remarks

Thus, favorable prerequisites for the development of e-commerce have developed in recent years. eCommerce business has a huge potential to reduce the price of goods. It allows the organization of the trade of high-quality goods at minimal operating costs.

The organization of e-commerce does not require large investments in the construction of stores or the creation of large inventories. It facilitates consumer access to goods and improves the supply-consumer chain as a whole. E-commerce is a way of trading in which each participant in the chain can cooperate with another participant directly without intermediaries, which practically eliminates all barriers for new market participants.

The holiday season is the best time to boost your e-commerce revenue. But the main thing is to develop an effective strategy. Take care of all the questions in advance and carefully prepare. The efforts expended will pay off with positive customer reviews, increased holiday season sales, and good income. Put the tips in this article into practice and reap the benefits!



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