How to Sell Your Blog? – Practical Guide

How to Sell Your Blog

There are several reasons why people may want to sell their blogs. You may not have the time necessary to keep working on it, you may be looking to take your career in a different direction, you may find that writing is no longer something that you enjoy, or you may be looking to start a buy and sell websites business so you are creating it to make it successful and then sell it.

No matter what your reason is, with some preparation you can sell your content website and make a profit. There are many aspects to keep in mind if you want to prepare a blog for sale. You will have to work a lot, but if you follow this guide and give yourself ample time to complete the task, you can succeed easily.

How to Sell Your Blog?

Act Like a Company Rather Than a Blog

For the person selling a blog, the site may have an immeasurable emotional value. It represents hours and hours of work that they’ve invested in it, to make it successful and profitable. This makes it personal. A company, on the other hand, isn’t personal. This is why one of the first things you should realize when you decide to sell your content website is that in a way what you are selling is an already established business.

How to Sell Your Blog - Act Like a Company Rather Than a BlogIf you want to run a buy and sell websites business, you should run each one as a company. Collaborate with other writers, create partnerships, create strategies, develop a business plan, and so on. This will not only help you with the sales but will also increase each blog’s value, and it will help business run more efficiently.

Improve the Blog Appearance

The design of your blog is what first greets visitors, and in the digital world, there is no room for second impressions. A clean and simple blog design will make a better first impression than a boring outdated one, and it will make it much more saleable. So, before publishing it for sale, you need to renew it and improve its appearance. This will work to increase the number of people visiting it, which in turn will make it easier for you to sell the blog at a good price.

Improve the Blog Performance

One of the most common reasons for high bounce rates—visitors deciding to leave a website right away without taking an action—is poor site performance. This is why to be able to sell your blog first you must invest in improving its performance. Your site should also be mobile-friendly, since most people today use their smartphones or tablets to access websites, and buyers will undoubtedly take this into account.

Use Social Media

Several things will determine whether a blog can be sold or how valuable it is. So before trying to sell it you must try to increase its value. The first thing you will take into account is how popular it is, or how many regular readers it has. One great way to increase this number is through social media, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to create a social media strategy for your blog.

Use Social MediaYou can choose which platforms to use depending on the type of content you offer on your blog. Learn how to attract your target audience to each of them, as well as possible buyers for your website. You can also use social media tools to increase the number of followers, such as a tool for LinkedIn lead automation, which can help you target businesses that might be interested to partner with your blog or even potential buyers, or clients, if you decide to start a business to buy and sell websites.

Generate Passive Income

Just like profitable businesses are easier to sell, profitable blogs, especially those that generate a steady stream of passive income are much more desirable for buyers. There are many different strategies you can try to increase your blog’s passive income, including selling ad space, repurposing content (for instance publishing eBooks, Courses), paid membership, affiliate marketing, and so on.

Determine a Price

Whenever you are negotiating money, whether it’s a price or a salary, you should be the person who names it first. When you are selling a blog, if the buyer names the price first and it’s lower, it can be hard to negotiate from there. Once a price is named, it will serve as a reference point during the negotiation.

Determine a PriceThis is called price anchoring and it’s incredibly important and powerful, and as the one who has worked so much on the blog, you should be the one who decides what it is. This is why you should determine a price before putting your blog up for sale.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that those interested in buying will expect to get all the necessary data for the blog they might invest in. So, before putting it to sell you should gather complete documentation regarding the initial investments, statistics, revenue and profit generated, website information (age, history, ownership), and so on.


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