The Top Innovations In The Dentistry

The Top Innovations In The Dentistry

Going to dentist’s appointments had been a nightmare for the majority of us at some point in life. Your mouth being invaded by strange tools and painful extractions are something none of us can forget. However, dentistry is a field that is continuously developing with time – all thanks to the latest researches and techniques. From full mouth dental implants to 3D printed dental molds, dentistry is not what it used to be decades ago. Let’s have a look at the top innovations in dentistry that are a ray of hope for people with dental phobias:

1. Nanodentistry

Nanodentistry is the term used for the application of nanotechnology in dental procedures like orthodontics, periodontics, and restorative dentistry. With the help of nanobots, new dentists are able to carry out complex procedures with much ease as the nanorobots work at a highly precise level. The best part is nano dentistry has introduced new ways for anesthesia induction with the help of nanorobots that can move around the teeth and tissues via a programmed mechanism that is deactivated upon swallowing.

2. Robotics

RoboticsBetter late than never; around four years ago the first dental robot was approved by the FDA that has been designed to assist in dental implant surgery. These robots are controlled by a computer and are known for their precision in drilling done for implantation. Moreover, these robots have been designed to assist in complex oral and maxillofacial surgeries. There are different types of dental robots designed according to the procedure such as the Tooth-Arrangement robot, robot for prosthetics and restoration procedures, oral radiology, orthodontic archwire bending, and few others.

3. Regenerative Dentistry

Regenerative dentistry uses tissue engineering to regenerate tissues around the teeth (both hard and soft). The novel technique is approaching fastly towards the creation of dental implants that can grow into full new teeth. However, this is undergoing research and is expected to be a part of dental treatments in the coming future.

4. Intraoral Camera

Calling this cool camera a dentist’s best friend won’t be wrong. The intraoral camera has really played a role in changing the face of dentistry. Dentistry is all about precision and that is only possible with a clear view. These innovative cameras not only provide the best views to the dentist but also help to take pictures of the teeth too paving way for timely and convenient diagnosis.

5. Laser Technology

Laser technology has been a part of several dental procedures for quite some time now. From removing tooth decay to teeth whitening procedures, root canals to reshaping of gums, laser dentistry is no less than a blessing for both dentists and patients.

6. Other Futuristic Innovations

The list of top innovations in dentistry doesn’t end here. There are many other latest techniques and tools that have modernized dentistry both for dentists and patients such as smart toothbrushes, medicated chewing gum, invisible aligners, 3D printing, and digital dentures.

Key Takeaway

Just like the field of medicine, innovations are being carried out in dentistry as well. From hygiene treatments to dental implants to complex oral surgeries, everything is being revolutionized for the better.


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