Mezzanine Floors – The Unlikely Hero for E-commerce Businesses

Mezzanine Floors

The lives of everyone on the planet were flipped upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic. Routines changed, employment was transformed, habits and preferences were altered almost overnight.

Online sales truly exploded, and many businesses have realised that this new trend is here to stay. In fact, around a quarter of all retail sales in the UK are made online. These statistics prove that businesses need to adapt to keep up with the popularity of online shopping over in-person shopping.

With this growth, comes a heavier weight that’s putting pressure on various aspects of the supply chain. One of these chain links that’s feeling the brunt is that of storage space.

Look for A Storage Situation

The instability of the times in which we now live and operate are proving to be a risk to various businesses, particularly when it comes to storage and distribution. The Ukraine-Russia war, the rising costs of fuel, even the strikes of postal workers, are all having a far reaching impact on businesses and consumers alike.

Look for A Storage SituationWith this volatile time many business owners are understandably reluctant to make big purchases and investments, like expanding storage facilities or moving to larger, more expensive warehouses.

So, how can you meet the storage needs of your e-commerce business without putting yourself in financial jeopardy by risking your money on a larger facility?

The answer may be cheaper, easier and more practical than you might at first think: mezzanine flooring.

Mezzanine Floors – The Unlikely Hero for E-commerce Businesses

Look Up!

The fact is that while you may have used up every inch of floor space on the ground of your storage facility, have you thought about the considerable volume of unused space that’s above your head? This space may currently be unused, but it is by no means unusable. Some outlets have as much as six meters or more at their disposal! This is where a mezzanine flooring solution could really broaden your horizons and expand your space.

Mezzanine Floors - Look Up!The great thing about this solution is just how versatile a mezzanine floor can be. You can design a space perfect for product or equipment storage, or a light and open area for office workers to operate. You can create an airy visitor centre or a great display room to showcase your business and what you have to offer. The options really are endless when you just look up!

With the addition of a mezzanine floor, you could add up to three times more storage than what you have currently. There are vastly more practical and economical than other storage solutions and therefore the disruption and downtime is kept to a minimum.

If your needs or circumstances change in the future, the area is easily adaptable so that you can repurpose the space to suit whatever your business requires. This cost-effective answer to a potential profit damaging conundrum really is worth investigating.

Look to the Experts

When it comes to your investigation into the world of mezzanine flooring, it may feel a little overwhelming at first. With that being the case, it’s a good idea to go to the experts. There are many specialists out there, like Western Industrial for example, who will go to great lengths to ensure they create a space that’s perfect for you.

Look to the ExpertsThey will help you every step of the way as you design and produce a platform that’s safe, practical, ideal for your business needs and within your budget. With their expertise in the area, and their efforts to work with you and your plans, you will end up with a flexible, cost effective solution to your storage problem.


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