Best Tips To Help You Move Your Business To The Cloud


If you’ve come to read this article, chances are you already know some of the benefits of doing business in the cloud. What you might not know, though, is that migration to the cloud is a tricky thing to do. Here are a few tips to make this transition smoother.

1. Learn The Terminology

Learn the TerminologyAs cloud computing gains traction, the associated language also expands. To learn the jargon, check out this cloud computing glossary by TechRepublic or Techpedia’s comprehensive database of IT terms.

2. Know Your Goals

Do you need file sharing, SaaS features, data storage, or what else? What level of security would do for you? What would be the ideal backup or recovery plans? Knowing what your goals are will allow you to choose the right options for your business needs.

3. Think Of It As A Long-Term Commitment

Your cloud services will “marry” you to your provider in a way. Since these providers will become your business partners, you should choose them with the greatest care possible. Their quality and reliability will have a direct influence on the quality of your own services.

4. Set Goals And Share Them With Your Provider

Set Goals and Share them with your providerWhen choosing a cloud service, define SMART goals and share them with your future service provider. This will help them to customize their offer and their services to cater to your specific needs.

5. Make Security Your Top Priority

Security trend is one of the main concerns of entrepreneurs and managers seeking to move their businesses to the cloud. Carefully consider potential threats to the security of your operations and of your confidential data, and choose a provider that can deliver the security level you need to feel at ease with. Here’s a nice list of questions to ask potential SaaS providers.

6. Choose A Hybrid Solution

Choose a Hybrid solutionHybrid IT environments have become so affordable that even medium and small businesses can afford them. You can migrate only part of your workloads to the cloud and keep your sensitive information and local networking activities in-house.

7. Get Support And Training

Cloud-based services and applications can only help your business if your team members know how to use them. When you seek the best providers, take a closer look at their training resources and track records of support. Getting your employees to make the most out of your cloud services is a matter of proper training and support.


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