3 SASE Benefits for IT Organizations in 2022

SASE benefits for IT organizations

The IT world saw a new level of efficiency, security, and user-friendliness when SASE was first introduced in 2019. Its been only three years, but SASE is already one of the most popular security frameworks on the market.

Going further into 2022 accompanied by the common adoption of the remote work model, SASE offers significant benefits to IT organizations. We chose three of these benefits to tell you about SASE’s superior nature.

What is SASE & how does it work?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a modern network security framework first introduced by Gartner in 2019.

The concept was mainly concerned about combining wide-area networking and network security services to deliver easy, immediate, and edge-to-edge security to networks.

What is SASE & how does it work?

A SASE architecture can single-handedly deal with all the access and cybersecurity issues of a company. As it combines WAN and security services such as Zero Trust or FWaaS; SASE manages to deliver security to end-users simultaneously with their operations.

In essence, the SASE framework uses several tools and services to

  • Verify users and their devices
  • Enforce policies and context-based security
  • Provide secure access regardless of location

3 SASE benefits for IT organizations

1. Fast & Secure Remote Access

Remote work is believed to cover 70% of the workforce by 2025. This increased popularity, especially among IT organizations, creates the need for secure and fast remote access.

Traditional security development frameworks are highly dependent on hardware, making them inadequate for remote work. SASE is here to change that via cloud-dominated architectures.

SASE benefits for IT organizations - Fast & Secure Remote Access

First of all, SASE delivers completely secure remote access by adopting Zero Trust. It can individually verify users and devices constantly regardless of their location. SASE architectures solve the problem of untrusted personal devices and public Wi-Fi by adopting this highly efficient service.

Since they are mostly cloud-operated, SASE is also able to provide fast access to resources anywhere, anytime. SASE makes location irrelevant and remote work achievable.

2. Scalability & Low Maintenance Security

Hardware-oriented security models are usually hard to scale and high maintenance. They lack agility and flexibility; causing significant problems for growing networks and increasing numbers of endpoints.

SASE framework is highly scalable and requires low maintenance thanks to SD-WAN templates and automation. Plus, depending on the cloud services, SASE solutions can always keep up with the growing number of users or resources.

SASE also doesn’t require deploying or managing physical, hardware-based tools. It significantly reduces the workload of IT security teams. With SASE, IT personnel can focus on more creative tasks than manually dealing with something that can be automated.

3. Lowering Security Costs

Modern businesses need several essential tools and applications to keep their security structure ready. If they follow a traditional, non-holistic framework, they need to pay significant fees for each tool. It’s even worse when operating physical data centers.

Lowering Security Costs

SASE framework combines all the needed services in a single, cloud-based architecture. This saves resources by reducing maintenance and proves to be more cost-effective by letting you get all you need from a single provider.

When you add the invisible costs such as replacing outdated and worn-out hardware, SASE considerably cuts down most expenses.


SASE has valid reasons to be on the top when it comes to security frameworks. It’s easy to deploy, operate, and use. The popularity seems to be on an even higher rise in 2022.

We especially think that IT organizations can benefit the most from SASE due to its reduced IT maintenance need and increased adoption of remote work.

Consider these three benefits to get a grip on the SASE framework’s functionality, and make sure to give it a chance.


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