Second Hand Golf Clubs – 10 Best Selling In UK

Best brands to go for while buying second hand golf clubs

Due to being quite expensive, the brand new quality golf clubs are usually not preferred, especially for beginners. Hence, most amateur golfers opt for buying a second hand golf clubs to polish their skills and save a significant amount of money. 

A variety of second-hand golf clubs are available for online sales. However, similar to the pre-owned automobiles, it cannot be known that the golf club being purchased is really the best one according to individual preferences. 

second hand golf clubs

In the case of the people who are new to golf, it is recommended to go for the second-hand golf clubs to get an idea of what kind of specifications would be suitable for them. Also, golf clubs that enable easy and smooth hits have a good grip and are ideal for beginners. 

Make sure the condition of the golf club is good enough. 

The following has to be taken care of while assessing the condition of a pre-owned golf club: 

  • Assessment of the grip: Take a look at the grip to check if it is in a good state or worn out. If it has only been worn out from the driver part, an approximate value of £4-£10. If the whole grip has been disrupted, it would be taking much more to re-gripping the club. 
  • Carefully check the shaft: Look for any damages present on the shaft part of the golf club. The shafts made of steel are a quick indicator of the damage if any exists. 

Unlike them, the ones made of graphite are a bit hard to check. One must have to look cautiously for any crack and splits. Even the knicks made by other players with their golf clubs in these shafts could not be seen in one look.

If you are opting for a golf club that has a graphite shaft, make sure that the shaft has a good shape. 

  • Don’t forget the clubhead: The lifespan of the clubhead is determined by its grooves. If they are only worn out from a single side, it is completely fine as it would not impact your game. 

Also, check that the clubhead increases safety for the golf club and the linkage between the clubhead and shaft is not damaged. 

Best brands to go for while buying a pre-owned golf club 

According to the common rule, major manufacturers such as Callaway, Taylormade, Titleist, Wilson, or Ping, should be chosen as they design their clubs in such a way that they last for years. Being the second owner does not imply that the clubs belonging to these companies are not worth it.

10 Best Selling Second Hand Golf Clubs

Here are the top 10 best-selling pre-owned Gold Clubs.

1. Titleist TS1

Titleist TS1

The product was released by the firm in 2019. A similar technology found in the models with a higher weight is used in this one, keeping its weight much lower. In addition, the Radial VFT (Variable Face Thickness) and crowns are made of titanium, which contributes to their lighter weight.

The model is suitable for the players who have a moderate speed of the swing as the aero is improved in such a way that enhancement of swing speed could be done

2. Ping K15

Ping K15

The golf club has a long clubface having a length almost equal to the human foot. The product came into the market in 2014. This model offers a power-filled higher ball flight compared to other golf clubs and a lower CG and deeper in the side of the head.

3. TaylorMade Jetspeed

TaylorMade Jetspeed

The company launched the product in 2014. The driver is provided with a ‘Speed Pocket’ due to which the sweet spot becomes 25% lower towards the face. In addition, the loft could be adjusted by plus/minus 1.5 degrees.

4. Callaway Steelhead XR

Callaway Steelhead XR

This particular golf club came into the market in 2017. The firm’s engineers reduced the turf friction to provide a comparatively cleaner contact, and a refined product was made. Additionally, the XR is easier to launch due to CG being lower/forward and the crown made of carbon.

5. Cleveland CBX 2

Cleveland CBX 2

A major number of golfers prefer wedges that are back in the cavity. If you think that the blade-like wedges can be good enough to play golf well, this golf club will make you realize it’s not true for all the models.

6. Callaway Big Bertha 2015

Callaway Big Bertha 2015

Callaway Big Bertha 2015 made a debut in the market in 2015. The design is done in such a way that the distance is much far from the sweet spot in which the variable face thickness also has a significant contribution. In addition, the strength of the golf club is increased using heat treatment.

7. Odyssey Triple Track 2 Ball

Odyssey Triple Track 2 Ball

This particular model will launch in 2020. The alignment of the golf club is made more accurate as a certain combination of the colours and a perfect spacing has been made. Moreover, the brain accordingly processes the align mentation more consistently, so it is a good choice.

8. Taylormade Truss TM2

Taylormade Truss TM2

The Taylormade Truss TM2 was officially launched in the market in 2020. A complete 100% of face support is provided. The putters in the center shaft are quite stable compared to the other models. The Truss is also quite stable, making it a good option.

9. Titleist TS2

Titleist TS2

The product came into the market in 2018. The model has been a choice of the golfers that are more into aggressive play as the golf club is full of immense and unique strength. A reliable combination having both speed and stability is provided by the company having a perfectly stretched head.

10. Mizuno ST200

Mizuno ST200

Mizuno ST200 launched in 2020. A comparatively lower spin with a great amount of forgiveness is blended in this golf club. The firm has stated that the model is best for the players seeking higher stability and a great spin to increase the distance from the sweet spot

These are the top 10 second hand Golf Clubs available in the UK. So, if you are an aspiring golfer or an amateur then you must go with this one. Buying a brand new Golf Club especially you are new to the game doesn’t make sense. We will recommend you to get the one when you reach a certain level.

If you own any of these golf clubs do let us know in the comment section. In case you are not able to choose one, do let us know in the comment section. We’ll help you find the best Golf Clubs.


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