Shooting Impactful Behind The Scenes Content

Shooting Impactful Behind The Scenes Content

A few years ago, Livestream and The New York Magazine carried out a survey to assess people’s video viewing habits. Of the total number of people surveyed, 87% of people would be more inclined to watch a behind-the-scenes (BTS) video than any other type. With stats like this, there’s no wonder digital marketers are searching for insights on how to shoot the best BTS content.

Shooting Impactful Behind The Scenes Content

Interview Your Team

Interview Your TeamTo be successful with social media marketing, you need to take steps to humanize your brand, which helps bring everything down to the consumer’s level. A great way to do this is by shooting interviews with your team. By showing off your employees, you’re adding to your brand’s story and persona, which is essential for finding success with online marketing.

Show the Production Process

Your audience wants to feel as though they’re being shown something unique, so why not shoot a video of your production process? For example, if you run a restaurant, you can take your camera into the kitchen and create a video of your chef’s hard work cooking up delicious meals. As well as pulling back the curtains on your business, it helps make your brand appear even more human.

Give a Glimpse of the Planning Stage

Give a Glimpse of the Planning StageIf you have exciting new projects in the works, then offer your audience a glimpse into the all-important planning stage. By letting your audience into the inner workings of your company, you will strengthen your connection and boost your brand’s trust. After all, the more transparent a business can be, the more likely it is to have committed customers.

Tell an Effective Story

One of the most effective ways to form meaningful connections with your audience is through the power of storytelling. Given that this phenomenon has been tried and tested, there’s no surprise that more businesses are choosing to tell stories through their video content. Your story can be anything, whether it be how your company came to be, why your values are what they are, or how you take a product from creation to launch.

Remember to Edit and Transcribe

When you’ve filmed your BTS video content, it’s important to make sure you spend time editing it to get the best version. For example, if there are any messy backgrounds or long scene transitions, you can use a video cropper to bring everything down to size. As well as this, there are now sophisticated tools that will improve the quality, including brightness.

Your video deserves to be enjoyed by as much of your audience as possible, which is why we recommend putting the time and effort into transcribing the video.

Remember to Edit and TranscribeBy converting the audio into text, your video becomes accessible to those who are hard of hearing, which helps boost consumer trust in your business.

Videos and storytelling are going to be a central part of digital marketing for the foreseeable future, so it’s time to learn how to shoot excellent behind-the-scenes content. By peeling back the layers of your business through video content, your brand becomes much more human, which helps with consumer trust.


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