5 Different and Effective Types of SMS to Send to Make More Sales

5 Different and Effective Types of SMS to Send to Make More Sales

SMS (Short Message Service) also known as mobile text messaging is one of the many ways business owners can use to promote their businesses. It is one of the ways you can be assured of having your message read.

In addition, SMS marketing can cost less compared to other marketing campaigns and can achieve a higher response rate. Research has shown that whereas email marketing gets about a 6% response rate, you can get up to 45% with text messaging.

Unfortunately, most businesses have not invested in SMS marketing for their businesses. To make matters worse, those that have invested do not know the different and effective types of SMS to send to make more sales.

Different and Effective Types of SMS to Send to Make More Sales

Automated SMS Responses

If you are running a business, you ensure that any messages sent by your customers, no matter the channel they use, are responded to immediately. Leaving customers waiting can cost you a lot on sales.

Unfortunately, some businesses do not have standby representatives who can respond to queries immediately after they are sent. This leaves them struggling and making losses when they are supposed to be growing.

Types of SMS to Send to Make More Sales - Automated SMS Responses

However, with business texting services, you can implement automated SMS responses for your business. You can even set the kind of responses you want. This way, you will always keep customers and make more sales.

Special Time Offers

Sometimes, businesses run special time offers for their existing customers. These are offers that are made to impress the customers and retain them. Unfortunately, some businesses do not know how to keep the customers participating.

If you have this kind of offer, you can use SMSs to ensure that all your customers know about them and can participate. Remember that your SMS has a higher chance of being read compared to other marketing techniques.

Depending on your target market, you can use a language that goes well with the age group of your customers and even add personalization to your SMSs. Do not forget to include some form of urgency to at least encourage the customers to participate as soon as they can.

Welcome Offers

Customers are now accustomed to a welcome email when they start doing business with a company. However, imagine the kind of surprise it would be if you also add an SMS whenever you start working with a new customer!

If, for instance, you have incentives for new customers or even those that sign up on your business website, you can share the discount link or promo code through an SMS. This would impress a lot of customers.

Welcome Offers

After sending the SMS, follow it up with an email. This is always good because you can add images easily via email compared to an SMS. You can even make the email more detailed to ensure that the customer is not lost when navigating through your website.

Shipping Updates and Order Confirmations

Even if you do a case study today, you will find that almost all eCommerce businesses rely on emails for communication with their customers. If you make an order now, chances are that you will get an email confirming the order. This is also the same for SaaS companies.

However, did you know that you can also use SMS for shipping updates and order confirmations? This way, you will ensure that your customers do not have to keep checking their emails to see the progress of their orders.

In addition, emails can be slow at times. When a customer makes an order but waits for a considerable amount of time before getting the email, they might start doubting your business. An SMS is instant.

Current Events

Did you know that you can use current events to send an SMS that promotes sales in your business? Well, let us take an example of when a popular social media platform such as Facebook is down.

Since you also interact with your customers on Facebook, you can use this opportunity to send them an SMS. For instance, you can send an SMS that asks them if they already miss Facebook and then add a promo message.

If you want, you can add a discount to any customer who buys something while Facebook is down and then include the promo code on the SMS message. This way, you will show your customers that you think and care about them.

Looking at all these types of SMSs, it is very clear that you can use text messaging to promote your business and make more business sales. What are you waiting for? Get started today.


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