Varifocal glasses are becoming the new normal


Are you still amongst those who have not yet moved to varifocal lenses? Most of you still the same old user of bifocal glasses? There is nothing wrong with using bifocal lenses, but varifocal lenses are much more advanced for eye care needs. They are much more advanced about the needs of a modern-day eye.

What are Varifocal glasses?

What are Varifocal GlassesThese are the glasses that correct near and farsightedness, and they are just not limited to it, unlike bifocal lenses also used for intermediate distances. In bifocal lenses, they provide a visible intersection between the refractive zones making it look quite uncomfortable. It causes a rough transition from the top portion of glasses to the end, making the experience rough. Whereas, varifocal lenses eliminate this rough patch and provide the smoothest and stress free transition between the refractive points.

In the beginning, it is quite a task to adapt to these glasses, as even though the transition between the refractive zones has been made smooth, your brain and eyes require some time to get completely adjusted with these varifocal glasses. Everything new requires some time to get adjusted with you for the better health of your eyes; it will be preferred to allow your eyes to get used to varifocal glasses.

Benefits of using varifocal glasses

Benefits of using Varifocal GlassesThese glasses provide a wider field of vision without any distortion.

  • The distortion caused by bifocal glasses is removed causing smooth transitions.
  • They are easy to adapt and get comfortable with.
  • It includes intermediate vision as well along with near and far.

Tips to adapt to the changes

It is always better to consult an expert if your glasses are giving you much trouble otherwise, you could try some of these methods to become a pro while using varifocal glasses.

  • To change from one refractive zone to the other, instead of rolling your eyes, try to tilt your head.
  • Wear your glasses the entire day and never try to skip or avoid their use.
  • Never make the mistake of switching between the old and the new glasses; it won’t give your eyes and brain ample time to adjust.
  • Regular usage of the glasses is the key.

Now you can get your specification glasses all done online without bedding to go out to a nearby optical store. You can get your online glasses frames in the UK without any delay and user-specific as well.

Reglazing glasses

Reglazing GlassesIf you are looking for something pocket-friendly and get new glasses for your frames, then reglazing is the option. Reglazing service helps you to customise your existing glasses with various requirements of choice.

This method is quite economical compared to others as you don’t have to change your frames. You could get your glasses with various coatings such as anti-blue light, glare-free, scratch-free, and even tinted glasses. So, in short, it’s just a service to replace your old and worn-out lenses with the new ones by keeping your old frames intact.

Many companies in the UK offer such service business; one such company is Specscart, they offer the reglazing service at quite a less price and a good quality, that could be possible only with their in-house state laboratory in Manchester.

Benefits of getting a reglaze

  • This method is highly pocket-friendly.
  • It provides new glasses with coatings and prescriptions.
  • You get to keep your old frames with you.

So if you still didn’t get your UV protection coating or anti-glare or blue light glass coating then the reglazing of the glasses is your calling to get them done.


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