Combining Offline and Online Advertising in the UK

Combining Offline and Online Advertising in the UK

Most businesses advertise. They do so to attract customers, make more sales and increase brand awareness. When done in the right way it is usually effective at doing all three of those things. This is especially the case when firms use a combination of online and offline approaches.

In this article, we look at some of the most powerful ways to do just that. Including how to combine the two approaches, which increases the effectiveness of both types of marketing.

Offering vouchers online for use in-store

Vouchers are a highly effective marketing tool. Everyone likes a bargain, especially at the moment. Rising power bills and inflation are both having a big impact on people´s ability to make ends meet. Several studies have shown this to be the case.

Most companies offer discounts in online sales channels. But vouchers can just as easily be set up in a way that enables some of them to be used exclusively in-store. Having the ability to do that is important. The main reason is that studies show that most consumers still spend more when they visit a store than they do when they shop online. It seems that being faced with physical products tempts them more than photos do. It also boosts brand awareness and builds a stronger personal relationship with the customer. Something that converts into business sales.

Using Email Marketing

Using Email MarketingEmail marketing works. According to research carried out by Litmus, when done right, email marketing generates around $42 for every dollar spent. Provided campaigns are set up in the right way.

Messages should only be sent to people who have willingly given their email address to a business rather than having been manipulated into doing so. The titles need to be tempting and the copy should be professionally written.

Most importantly of all the offer needs to be of genuine interest to the recipient.  The more targeted it is, the better.

Email marketing is also a great way to learn more about customers. Provided the campaigns are properly analysed it is possible to tell which products appeal to which demographic. As well as work out what the right price point is. This is the knowledge that can be used to inform how products and services are sold out of physical stores and other outlets.

Direct Mail campaigns

Direct Mail CampaignsIt is also important to realise that direct mailing is once again surprisingly effective. The fact that relatively few firms use this approach anymore means that those that do are doing very well.

According to recent research carried out by The Data and Marketing Association, the rate of positive customer responses has increased by 43%, over the past few years. Firms that do it in a balanced way get good results. This in-depth article explains why it is so effective and how to combine it with online marketing, which improves the conversion rate for both types of advertising.

Tap into the power of combining digital signage advertising with online campaigns

Gyms, clinics, salons, bars, cafés, restaurants, garages, and retail stores are increasingly using digital signage for marketing. It is an incredibly effective way to attract passers-by and tempt them with promotions. With the added bonus that the advertising that is created for use on digital display screens can potentially be used for online campaigns. Short videos can easily be further shortened and turned into GIFs. It is also possible to lift out frames and use them for banners, memes, and social media posts.

Using social media

Using Social MediaFirms that are not using social media are leaving a lot of money on the table. These platforms are still popular and with all demographics. People have got used to being able to socialise and explore via these platforms. When one goes out of fashion another one pops up to take its place. So, it makes sense for firms to use them for advertising.

The posts and responses can also potentially be used in-store on digital screens to help to create interest and buzz. People respond positively to social proof that others like a product or service.

Measure everything regardless of the method used

When you are advertising the same products and services online as well as offline it is important to measure the results separately. It is the only way to tell which approach is more effective. This guide outlines how to do it for digital marketing and this one does the same for the main offline techniques. The more a firm analyses its results, the more they learn, which means that the ROI on their next campaign is usually better than it was for the previous one.


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