How many bricks do I need to build a house?

How many bricks are needed to build a house

Planning and designing the architecture of a brick building is a very challenging task until you know the principles and standards.  How many bricks are needed to build a house and how to calculate the required number of bricks for constructions, – are the main two questions the builder is meant to find the answer to before starting the project. This article will guide you briefly through some main principles that need to be considered when planning a bricklaying project.

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Calculate the Required number of BricksSo, how to calculate the required number of bricks for construction, so that you do not have to go and buy a new batch, or, equally, not be left with a whole pile of extra bricks? There is a very simple way how to correctly calculate the required number of bricks per building. To prepare an estimate for a construction project calculating the required number of bricks it is essential to start with the identification of the number of bricks you will need to cover 1square meters of masonry.

The calculation of the required number of bricks pre must start with identifying the parameters. Such as,

Masonry thickness

Masonry ThicknessWhen choosing the thickness of the masonry there are many factors to consider such as:

  • The climatic conditions of the region
  • The number of storeys of the building
  • The technical requirements – Masonry can be done in half a brick (120 mm),

brick (250 mm), one and a half bricks (380 mm), two bricks (510 mm) and two and a half (640 mm).

The size of the brick you are planning to use: It is crucial to understand that commercial building bricks can be used in three types: single (250x120x65 mm), one and a half (250x120x88), double (250x120x138).

Brick Counting methods

Brick Counting MethodsAfter carefully reviewing the drawings of the house, especially very important to gather information about internal and external, walls there are areas that you have particularly pay attention to such as windows and door openings. Especially the wall thicknesses as they can differ dramatically one from each other. By adding all the information together, it becomes possible to determine the total volume of the masonry, to be precise you need to multiply the areas of the wall by their thickness and the result numbers must be added together.  Now we know the average brick consumption per cubic meter of masonry.

Also, when performing calculations, you need to add a certain percentage of bricks that can crack or turn out to be defective. This is especially true for facing bricks. Using the above simple calculations, you can get an idea of how to calculate pieces of bricks that are needed to build your facility.


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