How to enjoy nature and excellent mobile signal at the same time?


For many of us, a weekend in the countryside and a stable mobile connection are two absolutely different things that have nothing in common. And there are some obvious grounds for such conclusions. The majority of cell towers are located in urban areas while rural and remote zones quite often remain not sufficiently covered with a mobile signal. As a result, when a person is going to relax somewhere at the camping place for a couple of days, he or she is already mentally ready for staying isolated. But there is a solution that will help you to win your battle with T-Mobile, Virgin or O2 signal poor reception. Actually, in this case, your operator doesn’t matter. Regardless of your carrier, we know how to solve your signal issues even when you are far away from your home and cell towers.

And when we are talking about this magic solution, we mean a camping mobile phone signal booster or it can be called just a signal repeater for vehicles. Have you heard about such devices? If not, it’s high time for you to find out what it is and how it can be useful for you.

Signal booster for cars – How it works?

Signal Booster for CarsFirst of all, we need to mention that a booster for cars is very similar to the devices of this kind intended for being installed in commercial buildings. The main difference will be related to the configuration of these models but it will matter only at the stage of installation.

As you may have already heard, our mobile operators send their signals with the help of cell towers. The density of these cell towers within the country is not equal. That’s why some areas do not have a strong and stable mobile signal. Moreover, different signals (GSM, 4G, 3G) are transmitted at different frequency bands. This fact can explain why in some zones, for example, the GSM signal can be strong enough while the 4G connection is so poor that you can’t even check your email box on the smartphone.

The working principle of this device is the following one:

  • The device has an outdoor antenna that is much more sensitive than the antenna of your mobile phone. It can catch even the weakest signal transmitted by your operator.
  • Then this weak signal is amplified by a booster box that is installed inside your car or van.
  • And after that, your indoor antenna sends the stabilized signal to all the mobile devices that are located within the area of its coverage.

It is very important to mention that modern boosters are able to broadcast the improved signal to numerous devices simultaneously and the quality of the signal is not spoilt at such moments. And moreover, if your booster is intended for working with several types of signals, it can improve them not in turn, one-by-one, but in parallel, at the same time.

It means that if you are far away from the nearest city or town, you will still have the possibility to make voice calls and surf the net without the necessity to choose one of these options.

Do you need to buy a booster for your car?

Do you need to buy a Booster for you carThough it is quite natural that only you on your own can take a decision on the necessity to buy a signal repeater, we’ve prepared a small questionnaire for you that will help you to understand whether you really need to spend your money on this device.

  1. Do you travel a lot by car?
  2. Do you like relaxing at camping places or somewhere else in the countryside?
  3. Have you noticed the deterioration of your mobile connection quality during tour trips?
  4. Are these problems irritating?
  5. Do you feel uncomfortable in the isolation that was created artificially due to poor mobile connection?
  6. Are you ready to solve these problems yourself? (Don’t worry! It won’t require any specific effort from your side!)

If you’ve answered “yes” to at least 4 or 5 questions, it’s already a good reason to buy a signal booster. But if you have a positive change to all the provided questions, then just leave all your doubts aside and buy a repeater. But be careful! Today the range of models available is really wide. How to choose the nest device? That’s what we are going to explain further.

Key factors to pay attention to when you are looking for a camping signal booster

When you are searching for your ideal mobile signal booster, you should understand that as well as in the case of any other technical device one of the most important things is its safety. That’s why the cheapest price shouldn’t the only factor that matters. If a booster is too cheap, that’s the reason to check its quality and reliability as well as the potential impact on your health and a stress-free lifestyle.

Mobile Signal BoosterSo, what are the other key points?

  • Seller/producer. Today there are a lot of no-name devices offered online. They are cheap and they may look food. But are you sure that the quality is okay? Try to find out as much information about the shop as possible, read the reviews. If there are no reviews at all, it is rather alarming. A good seller always provides info about the quality certificates and warranty.
  • Supported frequency bands. It’s important to understand what type of signal you want to improve. The booster should be compatible with the frequency bands used by your mobile operator.
  • Quality. We’ve already mentioned that a reliable company always has certificates that prove the quality and the safety of the offered devices.

Modern boosters are very simple to use. Usually, you need just to install them correctly in accordance with the rules set by their manufacturer and enjoy the signal. That’s why even if you are bad at tech aspects, you will easily cope to interact with these devices intended for amplifying your mobile signal.


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