How To Make A Living As A Metal Sculptor?

How To Make A Living As A Metal Sculptor

These days, there are many artists and creatives that are making a nice living from their creativity. Thanks to the internet, you can find the perfect audience for your crafts and create a full-time income from selling them. Although it isn’t easy, it is entirely possible to quit the 9 to 5 and work exclusively on your art.

With dedication, persistence, and the right strategy you can at least make some extra money doing something that you love. In this article, we will go over several business strategies to be able to see this plan through.

Find Your Niche

Find Your Niche

Right now you likely just have a broad niche of being a metal sculptor. Since it is a sub-topic under art in general it seems like it is narrow enough that you can make a name for yourself.

In reality, you should be looking to make your niche even more narrow so you can stand out from your competitors. You could be the sculptor that works exclusively making small pieces of decorative art out of copper sheets or the one that uses bits of found metal to create gigantic sculptures.

Whatever your talent, find a way to narrow the focus and become the artist that is known for that specialization. This also makes the marketing easier as there is consistency in the work.

Find Your Market

Find your market

Once you have your specialization picked out you will need to figure out who is going to want it. Identifying who the market is for your art is essential to then figure out how to get it in front of those people. It will inform your marketing of your art to be more successful.

Start out by joining some art fairs and seeing how people respond and who they are. Then, when you have some idea of the common denominators among the people who bought or expressed interest, you can craft a message that will resonate with the people you think will be fans of your art if they could only be exposed to it.

Create a persona of the person that you think will love what you are creating. Then, when you start your business promotion. you will be able to feel like you are speaking to a particular person.

Have a Solid Marketing Campaign

Have a Solid Marketing Campaign

Use social media to get started with digital marketing. Remember that marketing is as important as the art itself. If people don’t know what you’re creating then they can’t buy it and support your efforts.

Create a fan base with your social media posts to raise awareness of what you are doing. Then, try to direct those people to either a website, Etsy store, or even your studio to be able to purchase the art.

Using platforms like Youtube is a very powerful way to generate interest and be able to sell to a wider audience. Make content marketing that is interesting and people will respond favorably. Consistency is also key so have a regular posting schedule that people will look forward to.


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