Why And How To Make Your Staff Feel Valued

How To Make Your Staff Feel Valued

Making your employees feel like they truly belong rather than just numbers on a spreadsheet can be a difficult task, particularly if you run a large enterprise. But the staff that feel genuinely valued at work are always going to perform better and generate a more positive company culture. Indeed, a recent study by the American Psychological Association found that feeling valued was among the key indicators of job performance.

It’s easy to see why. More productive employees will lead to a positive domino effect of happier customers, better employee retention and fewer costs, in general. But how can you make your staff feel valued without going overboard and smothering them in cotton wool?

Top 6 Tips to Make Your Staff Feel Valued

1. Offer flexibility

When people need to go somewhere or if they have any family working risks and emergencies, offer them full support and more flexibility with their time. This can mean anything from offering hybrid or remote working opportunities to those that want it, to remaining flexible with holiday dates and childcare. Experimenting with a four-day workweek is also something more have been trying in recent years.

2. Offer education

Most employees want to feel as if they can progress in their current job. Teach employees new skills and offer constant employee training so they know you want them to progress in their careers, whether that’s at your company or elsewhere.

3. Offer perks and rewards

Offer the rewards they want and need – not the ones you think they want. Reward your team members as individuals with personalized benefits packages based on what they like and what kind of people they are. Don’t just guess at it either, open a conversation with them.

4. Offer safety

Offer safety

As well as ensuring your team is happy and secure as far as their mindset is concerned, make sure they have all the appropriate equipment and support to perform their duties safely too. This includes making allowances for both physical and mental health – so, if it’s necessary, invest in hi-vis clothing for your warehouse workers or, if you think a recent event has taken a stressful toll on the team, offer them mental health support.

5. Offer a social life

Try to hold monthly socials to get your team members feeling more like a family than a work team. This doesn’t need to mean going out for group drinks every Friday night, it can be more than that and can help your staff members start putting names to faces and vice versa.

6. Offer feedback

Offer feedback

Finally, don’t be afraid to offer constructive criticism and positive feedback to your employees as and when it’s needed. If they’ve done a good job then tell them they’ve done a good job. It might not seem important but it will do wonders for the atmosphere of the office.


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