Transcription Companies – Reasons Why Your Business Might Need One

Why Your Business Needs Transcription Services

Transcription companies can provide a useful service for many different industries. These vary from the legal industries’ need to reduce misinterpretation and have information presented accurately, to the construction industries’ need to document inspection, surveys, and any other legal documentation. Another industry that has great use for what transcription companies have to offer is the business industry. This article will outline how important it is for businesses to use transcription services in the running of their organization.

Why Do Businesses Need Transcription Companies?

The most crucial reason for businesses to use transcription companies is to avoid the threats of lawsuits and future disputes. Businesses should record all important details and events discussed. For example, if you have a disciplinary meeting. Recording meetings like this is very important from a legal perspective and avoids the risk of conflict on what was or was not said in a conversation. This will cover the businesses back if a court case was to happen.

Why do Business Need Transcription ServicesTranscription services are also useful to transcribe different training material. For example, phone calls can be recorded and transcribed to be listened back to by newer team members. This is useful when it comes to training others in how to conduct a telephone manner suitable for the organization.

Any other form of training audio or video file can be transcribed into text to reuse and refer back to. These can include anything from customer interactions to general business meetings.

Another way in which a business can cover its back by using transcription companies and their services is by recording customer support discussions. These can be used to document how well a business deals with its customers if they have any issues with its products or services.

In some cases, businesses get feedback from their target audience about the service, or product they provide. This is known as market research and the feedback is often verbal. Having this transcribed allows it to be documented and easier to refer back to at a later date.

Why Should Businesses Avoid In-House Transcribers?

Why Business Should Avoid In House TranscribersThere are many aspects of running a business that put you at risk. Some small businesses get someone in-house to do all the transcribing to cut costs, however, would this give you the same result as if you were to use a professional transcription company? The answer is no. People who work for transcription companies are fully trained to give you the most accurate result. Despite being more expensive you can assure your results will be highly accurate.

You may feel more peace of mind when using someone in house to carry out your transcription needs as the documents remain within the walls of the business, however, a professional transcription company will have privacy policies in place to assure that your information and documents are not broadcasted where they shouldn’t be.

Fully trained transcribers, working for transcription companies will be quicker, and much more effective. This is due to the fact that they have been fully trained to assure they are able to transcribe to the highest, most accurate standard. A secretary within your business has more than likely not gone through this training process, and will not give you a result that is as accurate.

Transcription companies are also able to customize their services to align with any legal requirements your company may need. As well as this, due to the extensive training, they are able to handle a wider range of audio files, including MP3, videos, and WAV, and convert these into files such as DOC, DOCX, and PDFs.

What Happens If a Business Decides Not To Use Transcription?

What Happens if Business do not use Transcription ServicesIf a business decides to not use transcription, whether it is done by someone in-house or a professional transcription company it can cause the company to be at risk. Having important discussions recorded means that you have solid evidence if the company is faced with a lawsuit. Without this information, your business could face a large loss of money which could have potentially been saved by investing in transcription services.

Lawsuits can come from employees that feel as if they have been discriminated against in ways such as race, age, or sexual orientation. Having meetings and discussions with your employees transcribed can not only cover you if an issue was taken to court but also protect your company’s reputation which is vital to bringing in future profits.

To Summarise

Overall the work that transcription companies do is vital to a business for many reasons. Not only does it make areas of training easier it also allows for any creative ideas discussed during business meetings to be kept note of.

A more serious reason as to why businesses should use transcription companies is to cover their backs against future lawsuits. Any verbal communication can be transcribed into text and used as evidence in disputes.

When hiring a transcription company, bear in mind that your business’s future profits are at stake. For this reason, you should do your primary research in business on reliable companies that have the best privacy policies meaning your files are in the safest hands. Companies that use human transcribers as opposed to machine transcribers will be a better investment for your business’s money as these will give you the most accurate result.


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