Basildon Rubbish Collection – Top 10 Waste Clearance Companies

Basildon Rubbish Collection Companies

Basildon Rubbish Collection is an essential service for every household, factory, and industry. The accumulated trash that is produced and thrown out clumps and rots together. This rotting pile of trash produces toxic gases such as CO2, methane, etc that is not only harmful to humans but is also damaging to the environment, especially the ozone layer.

Not just the smell, but the decomposed pile is an attractive hot spot for pests, bacteria, and other germs which can leave the surrounding areas and humans vulnerable to harmful diseases. This is why rubbish removal and disposal are essential for health and cleanliness. Trying to dispose of rubbish by yourself will be a very work-intensive, tiring, and time-consuming task. So it is better that you employ some professional companies and agencies to do the job for you instead.

Basildon Rubbish Collection Companies

To make your job easier, here is a list of the top rubbish removal companies that you can avail the services of

1. Rubbish Clearance Essex (RCE)

Rubbish Clearance Essex

With over 10 years of rubbish removal and disposal experience, Rubbish Clearance Essex is a successful family-run business that does an excellent job across a range of options from domestic waste removal to commercial waste disposal.

When opting for a service you should always go for a business that has been in the industry for a considerable amount of time. Additional benefits of Rubbish Clearance Essex is the fact that they offer complete transparency of work and charges. So you can easily compare costs and choose an option according to your needs. All the work is done by the team and you don’t have to exert any effort. This eco-friendly business also gives up 95% of its waste for recycling.

2. Handy Rubbish

Handy Rubbish

For a quick and safe clear-out and rubbish disposal service, Handy Rubbish is the correct choice for you. The team of experienced professionals carry out their job and services with quick efficiency and reliable cleanliness.

Whether you are caring out a full home clearance or just a simple spring cleaning for your home, Handy Rubbish gets it done for you at the best possible rates. If you wish to know more about the company before availing of their services, then you can simply call them up and they can provide you with the necessary advice, practical tips, and the best possible deals in Basildon.

3. Rubbish Removal In Basildon

Rubbish Removal in Basildon

This friendly local rubbish clearance provider makes it much easier for its customers to access the disposal of huge amounts of junk, green office clearance for rubbish, and commercial rubbish removal at affordable rates.

You get to decide when you wish to avail of the services and the time and place for their arrival. The respectable and friendly team of Rubbish Removal in Basildon is available for service throughout the evenings and the weekends.

4. TLM Management Ltd

TLM Management

They offer an all-in-one whole waste management package across a wide coverage area including the entirety of Essex and the Colchester region and some parts of London as well.

The staff of fully licensed drivers and professionals take full responsibility for any pick-up and clean-up that ends up getting well-disposed of or is recycled. It not only caters to artificial waste removal but also takes care of other factors such as paper recycling, metal recycling, food waste collection, confidential waste shredding, etc.

5. WasteKing


If you’re looking for any skip hire services, then WasteKing is your destination. Whatever the size of your unwanted items, WasteKing clears it all up be it storage junk, electrical equipment, furniture, etc.

WasteKing offers any rubbish clearance and skips hire services at cheap and as well as cost and time-effective prices for residential homes and small and large businesses.

6. Total Waste Management Ltd

Total Waste Management

They are one of the leading recycling companies concerning waste metals. Their services are ideal for industrial uses, demolition services, merchants, waste management requirements, small collectors, and local authorities.

They offer full-fledged waste collection, management, and recycling services for the above-mentioned clients and customers.

7. JJ Rubbish Clearance

JJ Rubbish Clearance

JJ Rubbish Clearance offers a fully licensed and registered waste carrier and clean-up service. They provide customers with cost-effective services that are much cheaper than employing a skip hire.

Over 90% of what they collect and cleanup is recycled every time and you only pay for the actual garbage cleaned without any additional charge. They give the full-service package right from loading and transportation to management and disposal of waste.

8. Essex Waste and Demolition Solutions (EWD)


Their swift and efficient services cater to all levels of rubbish and waste discharge starting from waste and rubbish management, to commercial buildings, and ultimately to demolition services.

Another reliable family-run business. They offer complete home and house clearance and rubbish removal services to keep the area clean and functioning. A team of qualified staff will clear out the clutter for you while you step aside and wait for the process to finish.

9. AnyJunk


Using the latest technology they successfully divert over 96% of the junk collected from the landfills and have partnered with many small businesses to help with the cause and aim of their work.

Offering dual man and van services, AnyJunk also provides skip hire services along with furniture clearance and disposal and bulk waste collection and management. You can easily book and avail of their services for efficient waste removal and management.

10. LM Waste Management

LM Waste Management

You can clear up any background junk or waste rotting around with the commercial and domestic services. As for businesses that handle a wide commercial area, they can avail the services of a roll-on and roll-off skip hire.

This is a professional licensed waste management company that not only provides rentals for wheelie bins but also weekly waste collection services. All of which is provided by LM Waste Management services. This eco-friendly company also recycles cardboard, textiles, general waste, wood, metals, and other biodegradable materials.


We all know that the product of built-up rotting waste is the release of harmful gases and vulnerability to diseases, not to mention the ecosystem of pests and bacteria that it nurtures. To put a much-needed end to all the harmful consequences of unattended garbage, it is important to hire a reliable Basildon rubbish removal company that can swiftly and safely manage all the waste and dispose of it efficiently.


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