How Commercial Cleaning Can Save You Money?

How Commercial Cleaning Can Save You Money

Commercial Office Cleaning is a key expense that any business should factor into their overall budget for the year. But there are a number of good reasons why it’s a valuable investment for your company.

We’re going to avoid those tired old tropes about having to ‘speculate to accumulate’ and provide several concrete reasons why using commercial cleaners for your office or workplace can save, or even help you make money.

Let’s get to it.

How Commercial Cleaning Can Save You Money?

Improve productivity

The key benefit from commercial cleaning companies is they make your workplace clean, which leads to better productivity.

Your staff don’t have to clean alongside their primary tasks and all workspaces should be ready to use. They can turn up to work and begin being productive right away.

How Commercial Cleaning Can Save You Money - Improve productivity

No having to clear down desks or workspaces, no having to empty mugs from the day before or wipe down their phone or keyboard.

Staff can arrive and get straight on with the job you hired them for. No distractions, no delays and no having to perform tasks they don’t enjoy.

Improve morale

Any improvement in morale will help improve productivity, staff satisfaction and loyalty. All can indirectly contribute to saving you money.

Nobody wants to arrive at work only to have to clean their workplace, clean the kitchen before they make a cup of tea or have to find a clean mug. It’s not a great start to the day.

A clean workspace has a very definite positive impact on morale. It shows you’re investing in the company, the workplace and your staff. It also prevents staff having to clean their own workspace before getting started and gives them confidence in the cleanliness and hygiene of the company overall.

Reduce sickness and absences

Anything an employer can do to reduce sick days or unplanned absences will impact your bottom line.

More days at work means more productivity. Fewer sick days also helps improve staff morale and job satisfaction.

Reduce sickness and absences

That’s where a commercial/office cleaning company really comes into its own. You use the right people for the job. People with the skills, training and expertise to do the job right and keep your workplace, and workforce, healthy.

With the best will in the world, no quick clean by staff is going to have the same impact as a clean by professionals!

A safer workplace

A clean workplace is a safe workplace. This helps save money by reducing accidents and liability as well as helping reduce absences.

Clean workplaces enable you to spot hazards faster and do something about them. Cleaners can alert your facilities team of any issues before staff are exposed to them, which helps morale as well as reduces the chances of accidents.

The fewer accidents in your book, the happier staff and the Health and Safety Executive will be. Your insurer should also reward that with lower premiums too.

Professional commercial office cleaning can help with all that!

Protect your investment in facilities

Commercial cleaning can help ensure your investments in your building, furniture, carpets and office working environment are protected.

For example, stains removed quickly from carpets helps prolong the operating life of that carpet. Dusting and cleaning desks can reduce dirt and dust getting into computers, helping them remain cooler and more efficient over the long term.

Protect your investment in facilities

Clean cookers and microwaves will remain in working condition for longer and a scale-less kettle will use less electricity, boil faster and should last longer too.

Just a few examples of the many ways commercial cleaning can help protect your facilities and any investments you make.

Excellent first impression

You very likely know as well as we do that first impressions last. A customer visiting you for the first time will decide very early on whether they will want to do business with you or not.

How your office appears to them will play a part in that. Visitors arriving at a clean office will be more likely to form positive opinions than arriving at a less clean office.

In an operating environment where there is competition everywhere, all businesses need to ensure they use every trick in the book to attract new customers and to retain the ones they have. While a minor influence in the overall scheme of things, a clean office and conference room will help.


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