Transforming Workspaces – Innovative Interior Design Ideas for Commercial Offices

Innovative Interior Design Ideas for Commercial Offices

With more and more people preferring to work from home, the office must be somewhere staff really want to be.

Commercial offices need to combine productivity and practicality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it with style.

It’s very possible to create a productive space staff will genuinely want to be in without spending a fortune.

To prove our point, we have listed 10 innovative interior design ideas for the commercial office. Each offers a touch of class with superb design and practicality.

Innovative Interior Design Ideas for Commercial Offices

1. Statement lighting fixtures

In offices where natural light is at a premium, why not create a statement with the lighting? Light is vital to productivity and wellbeing, so it’s a great place to start.

Statement lighting fixturesMix task lighting with the room lighting, have fun with shapes and colours and make light more of a design feature as well as a function.

Mix and match overhead lighting and stand lighting, and integrate clever wall lights, too if the room supports it.

2. Pod or nook workstations

Open offices are great but they can be noisy and aren’t the best for concentration. How about providing work pods or nook workstations instead?

They don’t have to be expensive, clever placement, some ply or OSB and some creativity in layout could be all you need to create the feeling of a pod or work nook. Somewhere people can still chat, collaborate, and get work done.

You’ll also have more sound insulation between desks for when you need it most.

3. Floating shelves and bookcases

Designing your office is important to boost your employee productivity. Floating shelves and bookcases are two design staples for the home or office. We all have things we need to put somewhere, and shelves are the solution.

Floating shelves and bookcasesWhether you use them for work, for books, box folders, plants or something else, they are practical and great for breaking up a space.

Shelves and bookcases add texture, colour, and interest to often blank walls with very little else going on. They can also be practical too.

4. Copper wall panels

Copper wall panels are another fantastic way to break up large spaces while adding interest, depth, and colour. Copper wall panels can come in a range of patinas and can be cut to any shape or size.

They are easy to install and very low maintenance. Ideal for reception areas, waiting rooms, or empty walls to give staff or customers something beautiful to look at.

One company that makes amazing copper wall panels by hand to order is Halman Thompson. They are a very affordable design statement that could elevate any office.

5. Interactive whiteboard walls

Most offices or meeting rooms will need a whiteboard with some description. Why not make it a high-tech one?

Interactive whiteboard wallsA whiteboard that could help with presentations and training when required and then turn into a picture or TV when not in use.

An interactive whiteboard has a lot of uses but will require more investment than a non-interactive one. It will be money well spent, though!

6. Ergonomic furniture solutions

Ergonomics doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. What it does mean is more comfort for staff, longer periods of being able to stay in place to work, and a happier office overall.

Ergonomic furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. It will mainly be dictated by the space, the type of business you run and the budget, but there are options for every conceivable use.

Ergonomic chairs, tables, sofas, desks and more can all provide a touch of style with increased comfort.

7. Greenery and indoor plants

Turn your office into a greenery delight. Indoor office plants should be mandatory in every office where suitable. They provide colour, texture, and interest and oxygenate the air. What’s not to like?

Greenery and indoor plantsYou could include freestanding plants, smaller plants on your floating shelf or bookcase, desk plants, and wall mounted or hanging plants.

Plant choice will be determined by the space and the type of environment you want to work in. Rest assured, though, there are huge options for every type of business.

8. Acoustic panels and soundproofing

Decorative acoustic panels and soundproofing can be a game changers in some offices. If staff spend a lot of time on the phones or on Zoom, some form of sound insulation is probably necessary.

That doesn’t mean you need to elect for the same old sound barrier that every office has. You can get a little creative.

Options such as curtains, rugs, acoustic wall panels, or ceiling panels can all reduce the noise and give people the peace and quiet they need to think.

9. Stylish partitions

Dividing an office space can be easy or present quite a challenge. If you use the right partition option, it should be as easy as sliding into place and locking the wheels.

Stylish partitionsSpaces can be divided by freestanding bookcases, built-in partitions, glass walls, fabric, or other materials.

You can make them much more interesting by using a splash of colour, different materials like coloured glass or fabrics can show imagination in how they are constructed.

10. Experience areas

Having an experience area where staff and visitors can try out your products may seem a little Google, but there is a method there.

It’s an opportunity to engage with the product, play with it, feel it, use it, and get to know it much more than by seeing it online.

This has been proven to provide more connection between staff and the product, which can come across in every interaction that staff member has with others.

It’s also time away from the desk doing something (mostly) work related!

Last Words

Interior design doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Sometimes, it just can be a matter of looking at something from a different angle.

Approaching work desking from a user perspective, adding colour with innovative dividers or adding some real plants around the place.

How you express your creativity is entirely up to you but do so, and your office not only becomes a better place to work, but staff are also likely to be much happier to go into the office.

That’s good news for everyone!


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